The average weight of a male giraffe is 1192 kg and the average weight of a female giraffe is 828 kg. Their tongue is long and reaches about 20-21 inches. Size. The giraffe-like pattern will fade with age to a two-tone mottled brown. For every 6 inches increase in the length of a giraffe's neck, the muscles in the heart increase by another 0.2 inches. The giraffe (Giraffa) is an African artiodactyl mammal , the tallest living terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant . Giraffes are the tallest land animals. Giraffes can moo, hiss, roar, and whistle. A giraffe’s eyes are the size of golf balls. Males weigh between 2,400 and 3,000 pounds and stand up to 19 feet tall. Various subspecies have been described for this fish, indicating some geographical variation in coloration. $180.00. The legs of a giraffe are also 6 feet long. Scientific Name: Giraffa camelopardalis Common Name(s): Nubian giraffe, reticulated giraffe, Angolan giraffe, Kordofan giraffe, Masai giraffe, South African giraffe, West African giraffe, Rhodesian giraffe, and Rothschild's giraffe Basic Animal Group: Mammal Size: 16–20 feet Weight: 1,600–3,000 pounds Lifespan: 20–30 years Diet: Herbivore Habitat: Woodland and savanna Africa A giraffe’s heart is 2 feet long and weighs about 25 pounds. There are few things that are quite as magnificent as seeing a giraffe in the wild. A giraffe’s feet are the size of a dinner plate- about 12 inches. 5. Just like cattle, male giraffes are called bulls, female giraffes are called cows, and baby giraffes are called calves. Free shipping on many items ... 4 Feet Tall Wooden Giraffe Statue. Giraffe calves are weaned at one year and become fully independent by 15 months of age. This fish has a maximum size that sources say are between two and three feet. The back legs look shorter than the front legs, but they are about the same length. A baby giraffe is around six feet tall at birth and we get close to that with this 4.4 foot tall plush giraffe from Melissa & Doug. what is the size off the giraffes indoor enclosure at chester zoo in metres or feet? By the age of one year giraffe calves can measure 10 feet tall. Male giraffes average 1,192 kg (2,628 lb) whereas females weigh up to 828 kg (1,825 lb). That’s 6 months longer than a typical human mother. The Artisan of West Africa hand carves this giraffe figurine out of local sese wood. Their tremendously long necks and legs allow them to reach an average height of 18 feet (5.5 meters) for the males (bulls) and 14 feet (4.5 meters) for the females (cows) relatively incomparable to a 6-foot man. Giraffe tails are highly prized by many African cultures and are used in good-luck bracelets, fly whisks, and even thread for sewing or stringing beads. Zoo News and Events. Overall: 14'' … It looks as brisk and simple as emptying out a handbag. Giraffe hooves are 30 centimetres in diameter, which compensates for their significant height and weight, preventing them from sinking into loose sand. ... 6.5' Tall Life Size Spotted Baby Giraffe Resin Statue Zoo Display Prop Figurine . Giraffe feet are the size of dinner plates. Female giraffes weigh between 1,600 and 2,600 pounds and grow to be 16 feet tall. 99 It is traditionally considered to be one species , Giraffa camelopardalis , with nine subspecies . Explore haglundc's photos on Flickr. Baby Giraffe Facts. Reproduction The black color helps to protect the tongue from getting sunburned as the giraffes eats. Size. Females are typically a little heavier at 495 to 770 lbs. They are well known for their extremely long neck and legs. Giraffes have 2–2.4 meters (6.6–7.9 feet) long neck. Ever wondered how you give a giraffe a pedicure? Male giraffes weigh up to 4250 pounds (1930kg) while females grow up to 2600 pounds (1180kg). 0 bids. For example, in order to maintain blood flow to the brain, a giraffe’s heart must generate a blood pressure double that required in humans. Wooden Giraffes can range from a few inches to up to 16 feet in length. Giraffe's are the tallest land animals on earth. A giraffe in the wild. Giraffe Appearance. Well, that is the reality of giraffes! Giraffes are the tallest living animals in the world, according to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. A giraffe could look into a second-story window without even having to stand on its tiptoes! Giraffes are born with no aid from the camel or hyena, but even so their birth is a wonder: they gestate for 15 months, then drop into existence a distance of five feet from the womb to the earth. They have large bulging eyes that give them good vision form its height. (225 to 350 kilograms) while males weigh 440 to 660 lbs. Giraffe calves grow about 3 centimetres tall each day during the first week and double their height in their first year. The giraffe's size is a significant advantage. Gwen is a South African giraffe who grew up in southern Zimbabwe, where her favorite food was acacia leaves. A giraffe's neck alone is 6 feet (1.8 meters) long and weighs about 600 lbs. Yes, it's because the giraffe has the longest neck, legs and so on. And a giraffe’s lungs can hold 12 gallons of air. A male giraffe's neck can measure 7 feet, while a female's can measure 5 feet. They have long yellow petals and a mustard yellow center. The tallest one on record was around 19.3 feet, about the size … The heart of a giraffe is 2 feet long, and it weighs 24 pounds on average. The giraffe is native to Africa, a herbivore and the largest land mammal that is currently living on our planet. The blooms are the size of dinner plates. Giraffe tongues are bluish-purple and between 45 and 50 cm long. The giraffe’s tail is about 3.3 feet in length. The stems are thicker and stronger than the Giraffe. haglundc has uploaded 3874 photos to Flickr. Giraffes and Okapi are … Giraffe calves grow 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) each day during their first week. Caring for our giraffe's feet. Giraffe feet are the size of a dinner plate with a diameter of 30 cm. They may be small in size but they have massive personalities! Both male and female giraffe have horns already at birth. It has a prehensile tongue measuring up to 45 cm (18 in). Product Title Giraffe One Piece Animal Costume - Unisex Adult Plus ... Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 6 reviews 6 ratings Current Price $26.99 $ 26 . How tall are wooden replica giraffes? Your given giraffe is likely to be around 4.5 to 5 meters tall, almost half of which is neck. Size. A fully grown male giraffe can stand upto 18.7 feet tall. World Giraffe Day takes place on June 21, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation ruled, to coincide with the longest day of the year. Females are slightly shorter than the males. Watch the video. Get the best deals on Tall Giraffe Statue In Giraffe Collectibles when you shop the largest online selection at This single headed sunflower doesn’t grow as tall as the giraffe, but it’s still tall and can grow up to 15 feet. An elegant decoration for any desk or table, the giraffe is painted in warm beige tones with dark gray accents. A giraffe cow is pregnant with her calf for 15 months. Giraffe guide: species facts, lifespan and habitat. Just how tall is a giraffe and how do they drink? A giraffe only has one heart. Our dedicated keepers here at the Zoo explain how they look after our giraffe’s feet. It is around 5 to 6 meters tall (Around 16 to 20 feet). Imagine walking on feet the size of dinner plates? Between the giraffe's height, good eyesight, and strong kicks, giraffes aren't often brought down, even by lions. … A giraffe’s eyes are the size of golf balls. A giraffe’s tongue is 18 to 20 inches long and black in color. One can look on the giraffe's thoughtful expression and imagine him gazing across the savannah. These ossicones lie flat and are not attached to the skull to avoid injury at birth. The record running speed of a giraffe is 34.7 miles per hour (56 kilometers per hour). Giraffes have the same number of vertebrae in their necks as humans. The markings of each Giraffe are not only unique to that individual but they also vary greatly between the different Giraffe species in size, colour and the amount of white that surrounds them. A giraffe's feet are the size of a dinner plate—12 inches across (30.5 centimeters). Giraffes have seven neck bones, the same number as other mammals, and the length of the neck is the result of a disproportionate lengthening of the cervical vertebrae, not from the addition of more vertebrae. She's used to traveling miles to find enough food, hundreds of pounds every week, so she'll have no problem walking with you every time you're ready to … The tallest giraffe ever recorded at 19.3 feet. The blood pressure of a giraffe is 280/180 mm Hg, which is fairly high, and their hearts can beat up to 170 times per minute. RANGE: The heart of giraffes is another singularity in the animal world. Okapi are about 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall. The giraffe’s large size and strong, hooved feet are great defenses. (200 to 300 kg). SIZE: Male giraffes are larger than females. doing a project in college about chester zoo and need to no the size of the indoor enclosure of a giraffe in metres or feet . Learn all about these impressively tall mammals, including key species facts, their diet and best places to see them in their natural habitat in our expert giraffe guide. Replicas sold in Airport souvenir shops in Africa are typically 8 feet in length. Measure the room or the spot outdoor where you intend to place the giraffe. The intended place will determine the size and the material of the giraffe. It has up to 2 feet long and weighs about 24 pounds and can pump 16 to 20 gallons of blood per minute, a size necessary to get the blood all the way up to the brain properly. They only fuse with the skull later in life. POPULATION: Giraffe populations are relatively stable. Ross was right: the truths of the giraffe are more fabulous and potent than our fictions. A giraffe's 6-foot-long neck weighs about 600 pounds. Ever wondered how you give a giraffe a pedicure? The world's tallest land animal has lost 40 percent of its population in just 30 years, and recent reports show poaching and … LIFESPAN: Healthy giraffes live about 25 years in the wild. To accomplish this, their hearts have walls as thick as 3 inches (7.5 cm) wide, are around 2 feet (6 m) long and can weigh more than 25 lb (11 kg). To keep up with this unique anatomy the giraffe also has a very unusual circulatory system. Channel . The Giraffe tends to be white in colour with brown or reddish markings that cover its body (with the exception of their white lower legs). A giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) is a mammal which lives in Africa.Giraffes have an even number of toes and are the tallest land animals.