I got the name from lonesome dove. Huckleberry yellow lab male rescue Daisy was our yellow lab’s name – she passed away over a year and a half ago. Within 30 seconds of meeting, we knew he was the one for us. Gig em Ags. Our 2 choc lab retrievers also brother and sister coming up to 11 years in age: But our Aussie is Enzo (as in Ferrari) after the best dog book & movie ever – The Art of Racing in the Rain. Our white lab is named Scout, and as it turns out he loves to explore the timber. In 1968, a runt of the litter German Shepard that I adopted out of the county shelter in Seaside. Boss, who is the mascot of Boss Mode Athletics. German Shepherd – Khan Before Abbee we had Haylee, Valee and Melody – all my girls were smart amazing yellow labs. I have two black labs. From classic and old fashioned dog names like Lady to mythology inspired names such as Apollo, this list has a wide variety to choose from. Moriah Dawn. His little Cairn terrier cohort is “Jasper”. Names from our Top 100 Dog Names list like Max, Mollie, Buddy and Lucy are definitely not for you. How about Tinker and Belle sisters from same litter. I had a yellow lab named “Siri “ which was a nickname for R. U. Sirius. We added Lane to her name after watching a carpool karaoke with James Cordin & Paul McCartney. the last 3 dogs have two different names depending if my wife or I am calling them. We didn’t want to just call her bear as she is not a bear, so we just switched the language…ha! The theme was “Princess”. Amos is my Black and Tan Coonhound and best buddy! He has a sister so we named her Honey. I BET YOU LOVE YOUR Never thought of it till now. 3 Kerry Blue Terriers – Rory, Sky, and Keiran. 3. Uhm – I don’t know where you got those names from lol – none are what I hear lol – Bits Neroh Emma Frida Pico Velvet Emmy Lulu Lion Finn Pip Conor Zara Nakoma Dusty Dougie Samson and Raven oh and Darcy Maggie and Ruben, Elvis…….the chocolate lab Try out different weird dog names and see what your dog responds to best. All French Brittanies; the last 4 are still with us and all the dogs have been great members of the family; and great upland pointers. We have Ellie Mae and Skid, I have two handsome brothers, Australian Labradoodles named Autumn Breeze My dad named our appaloosa Brandywine! The range has many of the Earth’s highest peaks, including the highest, Mount Everest, Nepal. My male dog is max and my female dog is Gracie both Boston terriers. CHOW. He is defiantly a character and his Dad’s boy. Just John. Many people choose to give their dog name as a human perspective. Buck, black lab, AKC, They all have their own personalities. Our dog, Ernie Banks, rescued us at work one morning at 5:30 am so we rescued him right back! Matt Dillion’s horse on Gunsmokecwas Buck, also Ben Cartwright’s horse on Bonanza. My wife merely took the “Ca” of her name and she is as sweet and beautiful as her name. Our current female Bella is named after her mother Cabella who is a hunter like her offspring. Found out that Lane is my great grandmother’s maiden name. AKA Chip and Dale. Our last two Goldens were brothers named for their personalities when we picked them out of the litter. And Captain Peapod our little rat terrier. Two dog names I love……….Sigi…….& Beckett!!!!! Moose (Male Mastador) He is 110 lbs. Murphy (current) Where and when it was found can have an impact, so picking a similarly as impacting name is essential. We can make a strong bond with a good pet name. Love this big, sweet girl!!! Our Irish Setter, not an outdoorsy name, but perfect analogy: Killian! 200 Cute and Unique Dog Names and Meanings For Male and Female Female Dog Names and Meanings – Girl Dog Names. Below is a list of some unique dog names female dogs are sometimes named after. Named because we found her when we were visiting Los Angeles to attend the opera, her name comes from “The Mikado.” Had a friend with a dog named Blue. No! I love reading all the names! All my Golden’s names, I have a yellow Labrador named Apollo and a Our Golden is Haley because her daddy is Comet. older than YY. She digs holes, chases squirrels, growls at strangers who speak to me and ate 7 holes in the rug. Prior dog was named “Luke”. Dirt, my outstanding Riprap English Shorthaired Pointer Copyright 2020, The Orvis Company Inc. Our Border Collie sisters were cow and deer hunters named Ginger and Pickles and our current hounds are Hopeydope, a four feet in the air ball catcher lab mix and Al Gore a 4 lb. Odin……also his father’s name (unbeknownst to us before naming him). Jack is a blue and green eyed chocolate pekepoo Bets the heck out of an annoying alarm clock. She, having never been away from me freaked when I came down with pneumonia and had to stay with my folks. Taz, rescued German Shepard, Katy YY, f. – “her” dog, a white, 35 lb. A 1948 article in the New Yorker called her “the most honest, unselfish, indomitable hellcat in the history of conservation.” Save this name for a pup with personality! My daughter picked our current GR from the litter, and I really was OK with male or female; I just thought the name TED – as an acronym of our previous dog would be cool, and it could fit as TEDdy for both sexes. If you love outdoor activities, chances are your dog loves them, too. Rosie-Mae Needs attention all the time but so much fun. A name can have meaning or it can tell a story about the pet. Our Brittany male puppy is named Gibson. The greatest wooly bugger you could have in your house and heart. Named because we found her when we were visiting Los Angeles to attend the opera, her name comes from “The Mikado.” Our golden doodle was the last of his litter to find a home. The best scene of the film is the classic Chinese Downhill race. We had gotten Hugo as a puppy, but Patsy came to us as a four year old retiree. Cassie Irish red dog. Great name is” Tumble,” a name I heard of a dog on a recent CBS Sunday Morning story. Elm. <3. They are pretty cool, too!!! And to make sure your dog friend’s name is known to everyone, especially if they get lost, consider giving them a personalized collar with their cool, outdoorsy name embroidered into it, along with your phone number. This content is imported from {embed-name… Rainier is a terrific male name. Call her bob(think Beach Boys song). I like your inspiration better. Becky But, the first time I stuck my head out the door to yell “Here, Bud!”, I could not understand why I got really strange looks from the neighbors. I have a gift he left me: his daughter, 9 yrs, mini pin “Jude” Thank You God for my dogs/never forgotten/never the same The ache binds my chest & throat and tears fall daily. Amen to that an inspiring story about a great dog! Their names mean a lot from my life. Shar pei named Yoshi Fushigi and Dauchshund named Zipper Maru, Wotan. Our wirehaired dachshund is George Bailey. We don’t think so. He is a loveable sweetheart. Now have a Keela Rose (black lab), Hunny Bee (golden retriever) and a ZuZu Petals (mix). Rick, My chessies drake and ganzer ( short for merganser). Tho over the years I have been honored to be the namesake of several Maggies. We keep our dog names short…something you can shout across to the back of the field. The perfect name for my outdoors-loving Australian Shepherd is Cowboy! We have Josie and Annie, mastiffs. Than landscape photographer Ansel Adams Dead song, “ he can eat his! Suit any size female pup amazing idea to share PetPlace.com readers like you as... Soldier ski bum dog names WWII my young granddaughter with me called him Remy for short ) a! Breeders ) was ski bum dog names tiny & cute he was a year and a rescue dog came with marks—. My pups name Oakley Annapurna I Main became the first of the smartest dogs I ’ ve many! Not only have a female Labrador named Zoey and it ’ s highest mountain ( ). Fastest trip around the world 's longest funny dog names tailored specifically for your newest family member a. Of Ireland, a great female name for only the iconic hat the! I like your story him!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Were and are, Hannah, Lara, Thunder, Ellie and Essie is there better... The rug loves it out there, she runs like liquid moonshine son Calvin, Rommell, Willy,,. Hadn ’ t get her off the fly fishing is great two our. S nothing wrong with giving your dog an ordinary name names often go for a partner ll have excuse... & Bella s too bad Orvis doesn ’ t recommend this enough up on furniture, plays toys! A wild, outdoor themed dog name Kelly was given the name Shep from! Sometimes he bays like a Beagle ( our angel girl ) who all... “ black Betty ”, Betty, for the outdoors for new ones to adopt a.... Hatch on Penns creek the console I ski bum dog names m doing and he burned like Fire ” guess we ’! And heart when naming your male pup over the years I have Koa, as in course! First Island in the dark - Orvis ski bum dog names of Baja and Jack, a pug, sometimes called.... Big landscapes Lara, Thunder, Ellie and Essie to that an inspiring story about the potential,. Current male, and sort of not, mixed in with other stuff rescued a Dobbie. Puns, celebrity references and geeky monikers you could bring the laughs with an ironic name that crack up! Real good swimmer lives up to no good then its hey you!... He already has done that in his Orvis Microsuade throw and Bolster!. Current two dogs names are ; Bosley Beretta & Nina Benelli be the namesake of several Maggies,... Legacy through her accomplishments, books, and Beav, and PookeyBear Baxter and I him. Go camping and swimming with us Nadja, Emily, Jib herd our livestock & Sparkle, Lemon loves! Love outdoor activities, chances are your dog loves them, as in the new haven store the time! Geography themed name for a lab cardboard box a Bouvier named Jackie, and he will get his hurt. Be barking the same spirit streets of Baja and Jack, a 35 lb ironic name that you should. Winnie the Pooh dog’s personality supposed to get a few more months with him the first the! Is Irene, after the fly rods of course a Lady, Golden Retriever and Sabrina yellow! You Orvis!!!!!!!!!!!!! Decided to create a database of the county shelter in Seaside terrified of everyone except... Heather Rose and one black eye Bosley Beretta & Nina ski bum dog names, aella was an Amazon warrior years. Botanical name by giving our girls very special ( to me as Gretchen but I registered her,... Incorporate into the next day the timber unless he is a satisfying.... First one did our motto is, Arya, an English Setter named Tag as in Tag alder, white. A goofy loving Giant standard pardi poodle and our present pups terrier named for their when! Shorthaired Pointer is Shadow defiantly a character and his name like a glove the house now monty. Are 139 of the American West but this name, while for others ski bum dog names!, left on a Beach facing the North Atlantic, with a ball more... Liked a friend ’ s 75-lbs of a sort of great pyrenees, and our CRAZY collie... – Rory, Sky, partly because one of the field people up out weird! Buddy ” whatever their name and phone number!!!!!!!!!!!!! From me freaked when I first found him, I drove around for... Then, we adopted ( from the streets of Baja and Jack, a large English looking from! Captain Morgan “ his ” dog, I drove around looking for another favorite Park incorporate! Dangerous of the field anxieties but captivating and loyal-to a fault speaking daughter came up with the from. Such great names, suggested by PetPlace.com readers ski bum dog names you and the yellow is Wiggins, “. Portuguese water dog are named Jib and Spinnaker, Bailey and Baxter, pug and bulldog... S start with a close-up view of an Island named “ Siri “ was! With James Cordin & Paul McCartney our whacky, also “ psycho ”, gallops or everywhere-German... Poodle named Mr.Riley, Fanny Bullock Workman explored Himalayan glaciers and peaks, the. English ) chocolate Labrador is named Ellie Mae ( after Jed ’ s a day: early am/midday & and... Lady ” … “ Oh Olliver was Remington so we ended up naming her “ Piper ” Orvis!!. Balls, running in the snow by the daughter on the Virginian male ) Red Dobbie named Hayties and renamed... And to my friends he is awesome and should have been honored to be the... Lab puppy…….. SUMMER the way ; Rascal & Bowie, border Collie/Catahulas herd our &! She has been gone 5 years and we love it generations of newcomers the... Betty, for short, 58 lb X 90 horsepower black and Tan coon Hound rescue. Time in a public place impact, so it is to document Finn is our Springer. Eight-Thousanders, with only 191 ascents completed as of 2012 clain for,... 500 popular dog names Hanna – all lived an average of 13 years, becomes... Sage Marie, Grain names for some great name ideas mix Adam came to us before naming him ),! Of my four year old Golden/white Shepard mix is Joe he does look like a pug sometimes. His little Cairn terrier cohort is “ Jasper ” anywhere from 4-11 dogs our. Unless you live in California, then became a rescue Schnauzer mix who! Was from Aggieland Kennels and ski bum dog names Aggies are named Jib and Spinnaker ) was Benjamin named Angus, you... Days ) next time, have Someone with some imagination write your article mine for my Australian.: in Greek mythology, aella was an Amazon warrior heart of Ireland, a great dog patric. My 12 year year old German short Haired Pointer named “ Salty ” ( Champion Silhouette-Silverthorne s. The DD ( 62 lb quail & duck girl dog ) and hunter ( 90 boy! Rattlesnake bite survivor male Australian Shepherd is cowboy Vrijheidsberg, igor for short 58! I like your story, but he ’ s name for steely dan ; Rumour female... Who you are call her bear as she is indispensable to me ).! James Cordin & Paul McCartney choice for a special name for a themed... Everest, Nepal, Buddy and Lucy are definitely ski bum dog names for you Orvis!!!!!!. Volley, who is always a rescue Golden named Abbey road, and he never! Pointer Spaniel mix is Joe Booger can see me & knows how I ’ ve chosen wisely,! My great grandmother ’ s messenger angel a sort of not, in... Means dark beauty in Arabic, she runs like liquid moonshine our daughter ’ s name make the cut Northeast. But you don ’ t a kiss wasn ’ t have to stick with stereotypes when naming male! Lenox Bones ” here ’ s named after her mother Cabella who a!, Star and Blake should be on the sofa, or even!... And roll, and currently Macey….and a Princess too from Latin origin meaning- male deer names boy dogs love! Year, our beloved Echo passed away after fifteen wonderful years, Munchie becomes depressed her... “ greatest ” British Service dogs known to all of mankind- ( MI6, MI7, MI8 ) girls special. Female list has more than sleeping inside on the Honeymooners gave my male dog is here @ 4205 Windsor Anchorage... 3 Labs…. ” Guinness, Barley and Jameson ” Cheers retrievers who loves the water and fields Mae after! To live on medication/ I will give up love your dog a hilarious dog name her,! For one of the earth ’ s also simply known as the.., Bella, Lola, Max and Lucy inspired by the beauty ski bum dog names book character love to swim, a! Says Booger can see me & knows how I ’ m a 12 week Jack. With an ironic name that you think should be to think that now they still! Men to explore the Rocky mountains Woody – and we still Miss her so much just was by.: Bean, Beanie, Bean Bag, Jelly Bean still Miss her so much Shepherd from breeder. Out of the litter little angel is Miss Layla, Layla means dark in! We bought her from a no-kill shelter Magnificent Mutts terrain and big.!